Belief #1

As Mazatecs, we beleive that the true Bread of Life is the sacred mushroom. It is also the blood of God, because it gives us life, it gives us the life of God. They allow us to speak to God and receive divine guidance. They are like the wings of God, because they raise us, they lift us.

Belief #2

The faith of the Mazatec is based on the truth conveyed by the mushroom. It is our form of expression, for knowledge, to worship, to understand God. Our practices enrich the Church, and all the other Churches. It is part of a spirituality that can give great richness to the Church and the world.

María Sabina (July 22, 1894 – November 22, 1985)    

Belief #3

At the heart of the Mazatec Church is the belief that there exists a single, dynamic, vivifying, eternally self-generating and self-regenerating sacred power, energy and force: what we call God. God is absolute consciousness.


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